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2017 Spring Wedding Color Trends

color trends

The results are in, and the winner is – Greenery!

Each year, the Pantone Color Institute reveals its list of the top trending colors for the following year. Compiled from analyzing the usage of color by top fashion designers, the list influences not only fashion but home decor, accessories, and wedding flowers!  This year’s list is comprised of shades from neutral to vibrant, all of which mirror the beauty of nature.  And coming out on top of that list for 2017 is Greenery, a chartreuse shade that embodies the renewal and rebirth of spring.  Continue reading

Flowers for your Wedding Proposal

wedding proposal
You’ve gotten up the courage and are ready to ask the big question. Although many people choose to let the ring do the talking, many others have come up with inventive and creative ways to present the all-important proposal. No matter if you have an extravagant event planned or are striving for a simple wedding proposal, flowers should be an integral part of the exciting event.  The experts at Zeidler’s Flowers have seen hundreds of proposals and weddings, and are here to help you make the beginning of your journey a beautiful one.
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Wedding Accents and Beautiful Extras

wedding accents

As one of the area’s most celebrated florists, Zeidler’s Flowers knows a thing or two about wedding design and planning. In fact, we’ve been providing spectacular flowers for all of life’s special events for over a century, always with integrity, expertise, and passion. And our dedicated staff knows that when you are planning a wedding, there are many details – both large and small – to be considered. We are your premiere choice in Evansville for insight and ideas into how to infuse floral wedding accents in unique and beautiful ways.
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Metallic Wedding Accents are Trending

metallic wedding accents

There are some trends that come on the scene for a season or two and then fade away. Then there are those trends that seem to simply get more and more popular as the years go by. Such is the case with metallic wedding accents.  These unique elements of a wedding ceremony or reception are so versatile that you can find details to adorn any style of wedding, and complement any color scheme. At Zeidler’s Flowers, we love designing creative floral centerpieces and reception decor that utilize these pieces.
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Beauty of Orchids on Your Wedding Day

beauty of orchids

There are many choices to make when planning a wedding, and the choice of your wedding flowers is not the least of them. With such a rich spectrum of color and thousands of varieties, which should you choose?  The expert wedding planners at Zeidler’s Flowers have delivered floral elegance to hundreds of Evansville, Chandler and Newburgh couples over the decades, and we would love to share our knowledge and passion with you. This month, we are spotlighting the incredible orchid, a flower which embodies luxury, beauty, and love. This elegant bloom may just be the perfect wedding floral. When considering flowers for your wedding day, let the beauty of orchids rise to the top of your list.

beauty of orchids

One of the incredible attributes of the orchid is its amazing diversity. The flower comes in such a wide variety of colors that it is sure to complement any color palette with ease. The dendrobium orchid petals often exhibit gradient shades of their main hue; while the cymbidium orchid often has primarily monochromatic petals, but with a richly patterned center which adds an artistic splash of color contrast. beauty of orchids

Although the bridal bouquet may be the focal point of the day as pertains to flowers, orchids can shine throughout every aspect of the ceremony and reception. From cascading bouquets to shimmering centerpieces illuminated by candles, the beauty of orchids is versatile.

beauty of orchids

The exotic green cymbidium is one of the hottest trending flowers of the season; it combines romantic elegance with a dramatic eye-catching aesthetic.  Surprisingly, the distinctively unique green cymbidium blends beautifully with a wide range of florals; from succulents to roses, in shades of green, pastels or vivid tropical hues. The rich emerald tone is especially striking against a white backdrop, such as the bridal gown or wedding cake.

beauty of orchids

Call for a consultation today, and let our expert wedding designers guide you through choosing the best orchids for your special day.  No matter your budget, we will work with you to incorporate this most luxurious of wedding florals into your plans – after all, at Zeidler’s Flowers, our passion is making a bride’s floral vision come to life. How can we help you?

Holiday Wedding Planning Tips

holiday wedding

Many brides have been dreaming about planning their wedding for as long as they can remember, but now that the wedding date is a reality, there are a lot of details to cover! While couples likely started planning the day after the engagement, you are now six months out from your holiday wedding. Here are some tips and suggestions from the experts as to how to maximize the time you have left, and ensure that your special day is all you’ve ever dreamed.

By now your venue should be booked, especially if your wedding is going to be over the holidays when there are corporate parties and social events happening simultaneously. Having your dress colors finalized is very important as you move into the next step – choosing a florist to design the gorgeous bouquets and floral decor for the ceremony and reception! You may not realize that many florists choose not to book December weddings, but not at Zeidler’s – we love December weddings! Our expert wedding coordinators say that this is the perfect time to arrange for flowers, so bring in your venue and dress information, and let’s get planning!

holiday weddingOften December and holiday weddings feature traditional holiday colors; utilizing deep reds, Christmas greens, and whites. Even though some flowers are not available at this time of year, these can usually be replaced with silk flowers. Here’s an insider tip – If you want to retain the beauty of a real bouquet, use fresh blooms that are available, and use only the silks that aren’t in season. Or simply ask our knowledgeable team to help you select from the most beautiful in-season flowers. Traditional flowers in our area would include poinsettias, deep red roses, white roses and lilies – and of course, fresh Christmas greens, including pine, cedar, or douglas fir. Not only do evergreen elements bring a seasonal charm, but their fragrance will also fill the venue. They are incorporated into the bridal bouquets, bridesmaid bouquets, and reception centerpieces, but can also be used to create wreaths and swags.

holiday weddingZeidler’s experts point out that If you are planning to marry in a church in December, you will want to consult with them about the decorations they may already have in place for the holidays. Poinsettias full color after Thanksgiving, while Christmas greenery is usually available after that holiday. Of course, you can also choose to have a little fun incorporating mistletoe – either fresh or silk – into your theme.

Schedule a time to sit with a Zeidler’s wedding coordinator, and let’s discuss making your holiday wedding into a winter wonderland!

Designer Solutions in Floral Wedding Planning

floral wedding planningThese days, most major decision-making processes begin online. With all the informational sites and online forums, it is easy to get more advice than you may ever need. This is especially true for couples preparing for a wedding – there are many websites where they can get ideas, be inspired and be educated on the hottest color, flowers and trends. Price-shopping and bids are becoming more popular ways of managing the many costs involved in a wedding – however, experts agree that when it’s time to choose your local vendor, nothing replaces a face to face connection. In fact, working with a professional designer may be advantageous in helping you stay within budget while still planning your dream wedding.

Often a bride will fall in love with a photo that she found on Pinterest or a wedding planning site; but although she may have her heart set on the look, may not understand the costs involved, or the availability of the individual flowers. A floral designer will consult with the bride, making recommendations that will result in the same aesthetic she is looking for, but perhaps with alternative, locally grown blooms that will fit more easily into her budget. However, if the bride is adamant about the specific flower for her bouquet, an experienced wedding designer can become a valuable asset in the overall planning. With the experience of helping hundreds of Evansville couples, we can make suggestions that will create solutions – for instance, to allow the bride to have her dream flower and not break the bank, she can use that flower for her bridal bouquet, but use alternate flowers for the centerpieces.

By sitting down with a bride and discussing her vision and expectations, Zeidler’s Flowers  professional floral designers can employ their expertise to guide her to the right choices for the amazing wedding she deserves.

Key Roles that Mothers Play During Weddings

mother rolesFor brides who rely on their mom for everything, they may want her to be involved in every aspect of the wedding. Some brides, on the other hand, may not want Mom to be overly involved. Therefore, the very first role of the mother of the bride should be to sit down with her daughter and set expectations. Mom should express the extent to which she wishes to be involved, and daughter should indicate those areas she needs help. Communicating early on will help to ease stress and make the whole process more fun!

Here are some of the more common areas where Mom can be a huge help.

  • Help bride and groom identify the ceremony and reception venues.
  • Research wedding vendors and act as the main contact as the planning progresses.
  • Be there to help the bride select her wedding gown and accessories
  • Assemble names and addresses of family members and friends to be included on the master guest list. Talk to the groom’s family about whom they want to include on the guest list as well.
  • Help research family traditions and heirlooms to integrate into the festivities.
  • Determine what style of dress the bride wants you to wear, then go shopping! Consult with the groom’s mom to make sure your choices represent similar styles.
  • Attend the bridal shower and rehearsal dinner; if asked, be ready to help plan.
  • Escort the bride down the aisle if the bride’s father isn’t in attendance.
  • If there is a receiving line, the mother of the bride should be at the front of the line. If not, she should greet guests as they enter the reception.
  • Dance with the father of the bride (or alternate escort) and the groom during the formal first-dances.
  • More than anything, be a mom! Be ready to offer a shoulder to cry on and an ear to listen.

Very often, the mother of the bride will work with Zeidler’s Flowers to finalize arrangements, delivery dates and other details regarding bouquets, centerpieces, altar flowers, and boutonnieres. Before you get too far into your wedding planning, stop into our Evansville flower shop to discuss the many floral options available to you. Don’t forget to bring Mom – she’ll be a huge help!

History of Strange Wedding Traditions

wedding traditionsYour wedding is one of the most memorable events of your life. From the proposal to the first dance to the three tiered cake – traditions and customs play a large part of nuptial ceremonies; although you may be surprised at the interesting origins of many of the things we do.


One of the more fun and whimsical traditions – not to mention practical – when preparing for the wedding is the bridal shower. However, the origin of the shower was not necessarily a happy one. In many cultures, a dowry was given to the new husband by the father of the bride. A dowry consisted of money or property that would start the couple off right. However, if a woman decided to marry someone her father did not approve of, her friends would provide a replacement dowry; “showering” her with gifts and money in order to replace what her father withheld.



While white is the color of purity, the connotation is not the reason for brides wearing white – although that is the common assumption. The tradition of wearing a white gown began in the 19th century when Queen Victoria chose white over the traditional royal silver for her wedding day; inspiring brides everywhere to follow suit. Until that time, a bride would wear her very best dress, regardless of color.


Of course, although we hold tradition in high esteem, we also love to create our own unique memories. Whether you are planning a church ceremony or an outdoor banquet, Zeidler’s Flowers is the place to call for the perfect floral arrangements to set the mood and create the ambiance. From the bride’s flowers, to the bridesmaid bouquets; from altar flowers to centerpieces – we are your wedding source for all your floral needs.

Zeidler’s Flowers Summer Wedding Flowers

summer flowersLong sunny days, bright blue skies and abundant scenery – with all that the season has going for it, summertime weddings are a favorite choice for many engaged couples. Zeidler’s Flowers has provided the bouquets, centerpieces and venue arrangements for hundreds of weddings; with summer fast approaching, now is the time to contact us regarding your summer celebration!

summer wedding summer wedding

As beautiful as a sunny day can be, it can also get quite warm. Choosing flowers that are resistant to the heat and humidity will help your arrangements to look fresh all day long. Some of the most classic wedding flowers are actually quite hardy during the summer season – roses and orchids are among the choices that resist wilting. Filling in your bouquet with unique succulents serves two purposes – not only will your arrangements be striking, but the desert-native greens carry their own water with them, making them nearly impervious to the heat.


Expert Trick: Keep jars, jugs – or any other interesting container that matches your theme – full of water and in proximity to the photos, ceremony and reception. Then when the bouquets are not being used, they can be placed in the water, allowing them to re-hydrate while doubling as floral décor.

summer wedding

When decorating for your outdoor summer wedding, there are many ways to use live flowers and keep them fresh. Utilizing shepherd’s hooks to suspend vases of water, you can adorn aisles and venues with cut flowers that won’t fade or wilt even on the hottest day; these rustic touches make for perfect accents at alfresco ceremonies.


With years of experience as the wedding florist of choice for the greater Evansville area, Zeidler’s Flowers stands ready to help you with yours. Summer is right around the corner, and we have all the ideas and tips you need to make sure that all of your floral arrangements look gorgeous all day long.