Flowers for your Wedding Proposal

wedding proposal
You’ve gotten up the courage and are ready to ask the big question. Although many people choose to let the ring do the talking, many others have come up with inventive and creative ways to present the all-important proposal. No matter if you have an extravagant event planned or are striving for a simple wedding proposal, flowers should be an integral part of the exciting event.  The experts at Zeidler’s Flowers have seen hundreds of proposals and weddings, and are here to help you make the beginning of your journey a beautiful one.
wedding proposalEven the simple act of giving a bouquet of flowers with the ring can be memorable. Perhaps you give her a luxurious arrangement of her favorite flower – or recreate the floral bouquet you gave her on your first Valentine’s Day together.  Of course, a simple arrangement of red roses symbolizes true love and romance and is never a bad choice when you are striving to express your devotion.

We love this idea! Incorporate flowers into a proposal which lasts all day. Throughout the day,  arrange to have unexpected people present your intended with a single stem. Ask mailmen, receptionists, or even passing strangers to help you by handing her a flower. By the time she meets you for dinner, she will have a full bouquet – and a strong hunch that something is going on!

wedding proposal

If you have a special location chosen, cover the path to the proposal with floral petals. Enlist her favorite restaurant to scatter petals through the front door and to your table – or blanket the path through the woods leading to your private picnic.

No matter how you choose to propose, incorporating flowers is a smart and romantic option that she will remember forever.  Start right from the beginning by scheduling a free consultation with Zeidler’s Flowers wedding experts. We can help you to plan for your wedding proposal – and see you all the way through to the altar. If you are planning an Evansville area wedding, give us a call. After all, weddings are what we do!