Designer Solutions in Floral Wedding Planning

floral wedding planningThese days, most major decision-making processes begin online. With all the informational sites and online forums, it is easy to get more advice than you may ever need. This is especially true for couples preparing for a wedding – there are many websites where they can get ideas, be inspired and be educated on the hottest color, flowers and trends. Price-shopping and bids are becoming more popular ways of managing the many costs involved in a wedding – however, experts agree that when it’s time to choose your local vendor, nothing replaces a face to face connection. In fact, working with a professional designer may be advantageous in helping you stay within budget while still planning your dream wedding.

Often a bride will fall in love with a photo that she found on Pinterest or a wedding planning site; but although she may have her heart set on the look, may not understand the costs involved, or the availability of the individual flowers. A floral designer will consult with the bride, making recommendations that will result in the same aesthetic she is looking for, but perhaps with alternative, locally grown blooms that will fit more easily into her budget. However, if the bride is adamant about the specific flower for her bouquet, an experienced wedding designer can become a valuable asset in the overall planning. With the experience of helping hundreds of Evansville couples, we can make suggestions that will create solutions – for instance, to allow the bride to have her dream flower and not break the bank, she can use that flower for her bridal bouquet, but use alternate flowers for the centerpieces.

By sitting down with a bride and discussing her vision and expectations, Zeidler’s Flowers  professional floral designers can employ their expertise to guide her to the right choices for the amazing wedding she deserves.