History of Strange Wedding Traditions

wedding traditionsYour wedding is one of the most memorable events of your life. From the proposal to the first dance to the three tiered cake – traditions and customs play a large part of nuptial ceremonies; although you may be surprised at the interesting origins of many of the things we do.


One of the more fun and whimsical traditions – not to mention practical – when preparing for the wedding is the bridal shower. However, the origin of the shower was not necessarily a happy one. In many cultures, a dowry was given to the new husband by the father of the bride. A dowry consisted of money or property that would start the couple off right. However, if a woman decided to marry someone her father did not approve of, her friends would provide a replacement dowry; “showering” her with gifts and money in order to replace what her father withheld.



While white is the color of purity, the connotation is not the reason for brides wearing white – although that is the common assumption. The tradition of wearing a white gown began in the 19th century when Queen Victoria chose white over the traditional royal silver for her wedding day; inspiring brides everywhere to follow suit. Until that time, a bride would wear her very best dress, regardless of color.


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