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Using Tall Centerpieces in Your Wedding

wedding centerpiecesWhen it comes to wedding planning, everyone has an idea about their perfect day. If you are planning a 2016 wedding, the choices are wide open to you – from venue, to dresses, to flowers. Experts say that you should look through websites and magazines, as well as attend bridal expos in order to gather ideas and decide what you might like.


One of the top floral trends of 2016 is the tall wedding centerpiece. These soaring floral arrangements are impressive and dramatic, and they definitely make a statement. Because you can design a high centerpiece choosing from a wide selection of containers, and opt for any of the hundreds of flower species – you can still decide to follow the trend, while creating a display unique to your celebration.

wedding centerpiece

In mythology, gladioli represent a love that pierces your lover’s heart. These red gladioli flowers rise to the occasion in style, representing passion in a striking bouquet. Trailing stems and climbing vines elongate this wedding centerpiece and complete the look.

wedding centerpeice

This delicious looking arrangement features sherbet orange carnations in a clear glass vase that rises above the table. Not only do the floral add a pop of color above your guests, the close and compact design allows for easy conversation across the table.

wedding centerpiece

If you are wanting a more traditional white bouquet, but love the height of the tall centerpiece, these roses and lilies on a crystal stem is the perfect accompaniment to your formal dinner.


Although the trends of the season will emerge, it is always your choice – follow the crowd, or create your own vision. With Zeidler’s Flowers, you can do both. Call us today or stop into our Evansville florist to discuss how we can help you plan your perfect wedding day.

Zeidler’s Favorite Wedding Flowers of 2015

wedding flowersWe love this time of year. Fresh starts and new beginnings fill our thoughts – especially brides and grooms who celebrated an engagement over the holiday season! With a brand new year ahead of us, and many gorgeous weddings to help Evansville couples plan – we wanted to take one last look back at some of the 2015 weddings that we loved being a part of – we hope that these photos will serve to give you inspiration for your own special day.


One of the truly amazing thing about flowers is their sheer variety. When selecting a bridal bouquet, simply choose those flowers that best express your personality – and that are uniquely you!


For the bride who is traditional, these sophisticated all-white bouquets of roses, calla lilies and even feathers combine to form classic floral arrangements that are the epitome of elegance.

wedding flowers wedding flowers

These brides wanted bouquets that were uncommon. We love the uniqueness of these floral choices – one, blending succulents, kale, green mums and roses for a truly singular bouquet; the other, opting for a natural succulent bouquet, exuding multiple shades of verdant green and wrapped in burlap. Just stunning.

wedding flowers wedding flowers


Some brides, of course, are looking to have fun! Adventurous colors, exotic blooms and unconventional arrangements are our specialty at Zeidler’s Flowers, so let your imagination soar! From purple iris to fiery red lilies, we’ve got just your style.

wedding flowers wedding flowers


Honestly, there were so many beautiful options that we found it nearly impossible to choose – and we haven’t even shown you the centerpieces, bridesmaids arrangements or ceremony flowers! We invite you to browse our galleries for many lovely, bold and classic floral choices for your 2016 wedding; then stop into Zeidler’s Flowers to speak to a wedding consultant about your vision of the most beautiful wedding ever – and it will be, because it is yours

Newly Engaged? 2016 Wedding Trends to Watch For

new yearThe beginning of a new year is filled with possibilities in many ways. For the thousands of couples who are newly engaged after a holiday proposal, the new year is a time of excitement and planning. With the entire year stretching out in front of them, the choices are endless.


The venue is often the first choice a couple makes when planning a wedding. An elegant hall may inspire a sophisticated ambiance and exotic flowers; while a country wedding is more conducive to wildflowers and rustic décor. Regardless of where you choose to hold your wedding, you may want to consider one of the hottest color trends of the year; Quartz Rose and Serenity Blue. The soft and romantic pink and blue shades lend well to virtually any wedding, simply by changing the type of flower. Orchids, roses and lilies are perfect for a formal affair, while daisies are cheerful and familiar.

new year


Once your venue and colors are chosen, the florals can be incorporated in many ways. In addition to the bridal bouquets, boutonnieres and centerpieces, the flowers can also be used to provide creative cake embellishments, innovative place settings and personalized favors. By placing your colors and florals throughout your wedding in inventive ways, the ambiance pervades throughout the entire space and day.

new year


Start the new year – and your wedding planning – off right by stopping by Zeidler’s Florist wedding shop. We can help you to take your dream celebration and turn it into reality. We have photos and ideas from our past couples; information on the hottest colors and trends; and all the resources you need for stunning décor and beautiful floral arrangements. Congratulations on your engagement – we look forward to helping you celebrate on your wedding day!

Winter Wedding Trends

winter weddingWhen planning a winter wedding, you have the opportunity to create an event like no other. From photos on a snowy path through the woods, to greeting your guests in front of roaring fire – the warmth of the season translates into an intimate and unique celebration.


One of the most elegant color schemes for this time of year is ivory and gray. A classic palette with a vintage flair, bouquets of blooms with an air-brushed gray tint will make the flowers look magically frosted. To decorate the venue, gray shimmering linens can shine in candlelight; use a single ivory rose in bloom next to a charcoal written place card for a simplistic, sophisticated touch. For dessert, the hot trends in cake is an all ivory ; adorn with eucalyptus leaves to bring in the gray.


There are so many ways to create a winter wonderland in ivory and gray. Try some of these unique tips to bring your wintry vision to life:


  • Pewter goblets and flatware
  • Suspended strings of icicle lights
  • Large pillar candles embossed with gray and silver snowflakes
  • Clear vases filled with “ice cubes”
  • Winter branches spray painted gray and wrapped in white lights


For the perfect winter night cap, serve up mugs of hot chocolate; then send your guests home with a single white chocolate snowflake in a gray gauze drawstring bag.


Centerpieces, bouquets, altar flowers or floral accents on the cake – no matter your vision, Zeidler’s Flowers has everything you need for your winter nuptials. Let us help you to imagine a beautiful ivory and gray wedding – or choose another color palette. Whatever your choice, Zeidler’s is here to provide the magic.

Wedding Chrysanthemums


Tough to spell, but easy to love – chrysanthemums make beautiful wedding flowers. Mums, as they are commonly known, are richly textured with abundant petals, and bloom well into the fall. Their well formed blooms can easily serve as the focal flower in a bouquet or centerpiece; but they are also known to provide spectacular bursts of accent color amidst other floral elements.

The flower is native to Asia and Europe, but grows easily here at home. Given that the flower blooms in the fall, the chrysanthemum can generally be found locally, making this an affordable choice for budget conscious brides. But affordable doesn’t mean boring – from spider mums to football mums, the wide array of shapes and colors will allow you to create stunning wedding floral arrangements.

Chrysanthemums are available in the classic seasonal colors, as well as a full spectrum of interesting hues. This variety affords fall and winter brides a rich color palette to choose from, and even includes blooms in lime green. This green goes beautifully with traditional white bouquets, lending the green while exhibiting a truly special appearance; this green also looks amazing with deep purples.


All flowers have meanings behind them, and the mum traditionally signifies wealth, abundance and truth – all wonderful sentiments on a wedding day! The name chrysanthemum – literally “golden flower” – also expresses cheerfulness, like the warmth of the sun. Whatever your desired ambiance, whatever your color palette, this versatile flower have a variety that will match perfectly.
Trust the expert wedding consultants at Zeidler’s Flowers to guide you through the process of choosing the perfect chrysanthemums for your late fall or early winter wedding. And don’t worry, we won’t ask you to spell it.

Zeidlers Florists – Vintage Weddings

vintage weddingAsk ten people what vintage means, and you are likely to get ten different answers. Vintage is loosely defined, yet instantly recognizable – vintage is any element that evokes a feeling of bygone eras, of the good old days now past. Vintage is something not modern or contemporary, but not yet antique.


Vintage is a feeling. It is remembrance and nostalgia and beauty. And because of these emotions that vintage can elicit, it is a popular wedding theme; what better way to celebrate a wedding than to declare something new while surrounded by things familiar and meaningful?

vintage wedding

There are hundreds of ways that you can incorporate vintage elements into your wedding. From holding the ceremony at an old family homestead, to wearing your grandmother’s wedding veil, every aspect of your wedding can be touched with memorabilia and meaning. Sometimes it is simply using accents and details that are a bit worn, a bit used, that remind us of where we come from.



One of the most popular ways to add a vintage feel to your ceremony is through the use of pearls. A string of pearls is quintessentially classic. Worn by the bride as a necklace or as part of a headpiece, pearls are a truly graceful touch; while a bouquet of elegant white blooms literally dripping in pearls and lace is a sophisticated homage to generations before. Dresses adorned in vintage lace, or stoles clasped with a vintage silver pin or brooch passed down from beloved relatives are also meaningful additions.



At Zeidler’s Flowers, we look forward to helping you bring your dream vintage wedding to life. We can create the bouquets, cake decorations, aisle flower arrangements or centerpieces that will inspire the emotion of the day. Our expert florists in our Evansville flower shop have the ideas and the expertise – you have the vision. Let us help you create the perfect vintage wedding day.

Adding Greenery to Create a Lush Wedding

One of the hottest wedding trends over the last several years is the increased use of greenery as decor – not only as filler for your bouquets and centerpieces, but as a focal point of the ambiance. Greens bring a peaceful aura to any space, evoking a feeling of natural beauty, and can be incorporated into your wedding in a myriad of ways.

Ivy in particular makes a meaningful addition to your floral choices. As an evergreen plant, ivy symbolizes eternity, faithfulness and strong love and friendship. Because of this association, ivy is a beautiful and thoughtful embellishment for your church or outdoor ceremony.

green wedding


Also hot for this season are unique bouquets that defy tradition – green bouquets look natural and organic against a white or ivory dress, with a few vibrant blooms providing a burst of color. If you are looking for a truly special floral bouquet, this striking combination of succulents and ferns is sure to make an impressive memory; it also looks gorgeous in photos.

green wedding

How else can greenery be utilized in your wedding? Every place you might traditionally place flowers, greens can be a striking replacement. Create beautiful centerpieces that can be brought home for lasting reminder of the day; or a long runner of greenery with wildflowers interspersed throughout the display. Lanterns or hanging bulbs create interest in any space, and are especially rustic with draped vines and greenery creating ambiance. Here’s a tip – venues decorated in lush greenery look especially romantic by candlelight.

However you choose to infuse a green element into your wedding, the wedding experts at Zeidler’s Flowers have the inspiration you need. We are here to help you decorate your wedding no matter the theme – what ideas can we bring to life for your special day? Come into our Evansville area florists to find out.

Pretty in Pink Wedding

pink weddingDeciding on your wedding color palette can seem like one of the most daunting elements of planning a wedding – but it doesn’t have to be. Experts say that as a wedding is an expression of your relationship and personality, you should simply choose colors you love. Some colors have sentimental meanings behind them, and others are chosen to exude a specific feeling. Vibrant, elegant colors perfectly grace evening events; while bright spring colors create a sunny atmosphere with a fun, happy vibe.

pink wedding

Any color can be translated into stunning wedding décor, so feel free to choose hues which best represent your style. One of the most popular and classic colors is pink – and its many shades make it easy to incorporate into any wedding. Pale or blush pinks are considered vintage and romantic, with a sweet vulnerability that is perfect for new love. Looking for a contrasting color? Ivory, lighter shades of green and gray/silver will all showcase the color beautifully; as will clear vases and candlelight.

pink wedding

Coral pink is a bit more dramatic, and gives your event a more exotic feel. Consider pairing with copper or shades of blue, especially if you are planning a seaside wedding; orange blooms are also a popular choice to partner with corals. Hot pink is for the bride and groom who is not afraid to be bold and fun. This is the perfect shade for outdoor weddings, especially in tropical or water locations. The look is modern, adventurous and makes a statement, especially when presented against slate grays or dark browns.

pink wedding

If you decide to make your day pretty in pink – or ultimately opt for another shade for your wedding – Zeidler’s Flowers of Evansville has the expertise – and inspiration – that you need to create a gorgeous event. We will design your bouquets, flower girl’s baskets, corsages and boutonnieres, aisle flowers, ceremony flowers, reception décor – even cascading flowers for your cake! If you can envision it florally, we will bring it to life.

How to Make Fall Weddings Luxurious

With crisp, cooler air and the change of seasons, wedding palettes turn from pastels to deep, rich hues. According to the popular wedding planning website, the hottest wedding trends for fall nuptials include rich, resonating color schemes – maroons, magentas and dark purples join traditional oranges and reds to saturate bouquets with elegance. Zeidler’s Flowers offers a wide selection of these and other blooms sure to make your autumn ceremony memorable.

Fall Weddings

Another fall ornamental accent many brides are adopting this year is copper colored accessories for the ceremony and reception. From lanterns along the dance floor, to floral containers to flatware – copper colored details emphasize the rich colors of fall, and give a natural charm to your décor. Regardless of how you choose to incorporate this element into the celebration, we can help you to express your creativity.

Fall Weddings

With a nod towards falling leaves and changing seasons, wedding trends for these months often include abundantly leafy flowers, centerpieces and decorations. Leaves appear everywhere, from floral displays to festive and unique cake designs. An antique white cake with gold accents can be artistically enhanced with flowers and seasonal leaves for a cake they are sure to admire.

Fall Weddings

Rich colors, ornamental accents and metallic details – all combine for an inviting wedding ceremony with a warm ambiance that invokes the most treasured elements of this time of year. Zeidler’s Flowers offers a broad selection of bridal bouquets, bridesmaids flowers, centerpieces and ceremony decorations. Visit our Evansville florist shop or call us today.


Outdoor Wedding Decoration Tips

outdoor weddingPlanning a wedding might be one of the most exciting periods in a couple’s life. Many love the opportunity to plan  an incredible wedding ceremony and party that reflects their relationship and dedication to each other. At Zeidler’s Flowers, we have helped countless couples plan the perfect wedding that they will cherish for the rest of their lives.

As a part of our experience with wedding planning, we have identified a few trends that seem to be gaining momentum in the world of outdoor weddings. Here are a few that we have loved and believe that couples should carefully consider to see if they would fit well with their own ideal weddings.

A more formal atmosphere

The casual wedding has dominated the outdoor wedding market for several years, but more recently there seems to have been a shift towards more formal decorations and flowers. For some couples, this shift might come in the form of champagne fountains and formal dinners, while others might express it more with traditional flowers. Blooms such as the red rose, which is such a classic symbol of romantic love, would be perfect for couples who want to create the more formal atmosphere.

outdoor wedding

Local and seasonal flowers

This trend has likely been driven by the dual concerns of price and environmentalism. When couples realize that they can save money by selecting flowers that are in season and are local to the area, they often choose to do so. Since the outdoor wedding season, which occurs mostly in the spring and summer, is also dominated by beautiful flower blooms, this is an easy choice. Local and seasonal flowers also tend to be much easier on the environment, making them an excellent choice for those who want to plan a ‘green’ wedding.

outdoor wedding

Colors that pop

This trend also plays well with the tendency of many couples to strive for more formal atmospheres. It is becoming popular to select blander background colors paired with accents that easily stand out and look fantastic, such as reds, greens, oranges and purples. This look helps create a more formal and more modern look.



Weddings are the perfect opportunity for couples to combine their personalities and the story of their relationship to create a one-of-a-kind ceremony and celebration. Those looking for some exciting trends and styles to incorporate into the big day should consider some of the above ideas.

Here at Zeidler’s we have our own wholesale division, so we are able to bring in flowers from around the world to find the perfect flowers for a couple’s wedding day.

outdoor wedding