How to Decorate Your Bridal Shower with Flowers

UntitledYour bridal shower is a very big day. It is a special time that you get to spend with the special people in your life. Because of the meaning of the day, it is important that you put a lot of thought and effort into decorating and preparing for the event. One of the best ways to add charm and beauty to your bridal shower space is through flowers. Consider these different ways you can utilize flowers as part of the decorating scheme.
• Choose a Flower Theme – If you are at a loss for what type of decorating theme to choose for your bridal shower, why not make flowers the focus? Choosing a bohemian or maybe a garden party theme can make for an event that is memorable and fun.
• Use Flowers Casually – If you are going with another theme for the shower or do not want TOO many floral elements in your event, add the beauty of flowers by utilizing baskets, centerpieces and other elements throughout the event space.
• Tie Flowers Into Your Wedding – A fun way to give your guests a taste of what to expect from the wedding is to bring in a few of the flowers you will use at your wedding. Consider using flowers from the same family or color as those you will use in the main event.
• Give Flower Favors – A small corsage, bouquet or other floral gift makes an excellent party favor and provides a decorative element during the party as well.
• Wear Flowers – The bride (and perhaps her mother) may want to wear flowers in her hair as a fun decorative touch. Consider a floral crown or just weave a single stem into an up-do.
While you are probably already working with a florist to plan your wedding, the experts at Zeidler’s Flowers are more than happy to work with you to plan occasions like your bridal shower or rehearsal dinner too. No event is too big or too small for us, and we would love to help you decorate any space for your bridal shower.